Review: One Direction – “Four”

Four” is the fourth studio album by the english-irish boyband One Direction, released on 17 November 2014 by Columbia Records and Syco Music.

One Direction - Four

TTM opinion

I have a problem with this gentlemen. I like their attitude and their popular songs (they have such beautiful songs like “What makes you beautiful or “Story or my life”), but the full content of their albums is poor. It’s difficult to record an album full of good tracks, but this guys don’t even approach that fact. And no regrets, as I’m saying: this album is just bad.

The first part is awful and terrible. The second one is better, with better lyrics, better production and better union between the five members of 1D.

We don’t know if this is their last album or not, but this guys are way better than “Four”. They are international stars and idols for so many teenagers in the world, so they need to proove it with a proper LP. And this was not the case.

TTM recommends…

  • “Steal my girl” (track 1) -and album’s debut single-
  • “Fireproof” (track 9)
  • “Spaces” (track 10)
  • “Stockholm syndrome” (track 11)
  • “Once in a lifetime” (track 15) -deluxe edition-

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