Review: Foo Fighters – «Sonic highways»

«Sonic highways» is the eighth studio album by american rock band Foo Fighters, released on November 10, 2014, through RCA Records. As part of a companion HBO television series «Foo Fighters: Sonic highways»,the band recorded eight songs for the album, each in a different US city: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. It will be available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download.

Foo Fighters - Sonic highways

TTM opinion

Shit. Well, bullshit. Foo Fighters always has been one of the biggest rock bands, but this is uncalled for. Fans didn’t deserve this.

When «Something from nothing» came out, we thought: «Foo Fighters is back!!». No. They’re not back yet. The rest of LP is garbage.

TTM recommends…

  • «Something from nothing» (track 1) -and album’s debut single-
  • «Outside» (track 5)
  • «I’m a river» (track 8)

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