Review: Gerard Way – «Hesitant alien»

«Hesitant alien» is the debut studio album by Gerard Way, former lead singer of the american alternative rock band My Chemical Romance, released digitally on September 29, 2014 with the CD and LP versions released on September 30, 2014. It was officially announced in May 2014, although demos of the songs «Zero zero» and «Millions» have circulated since 2012. The album was produced by Doug McKean, known for his work as recording engineer on a number of projects with producer Rob Cavallo, including several releases by My Chemical Romance.

Gerard Way - Hesitant alien

TTM opinion

Gerard Way makes his own way -terrible joke, you know- to the solo music scene. New music and debut studio album without MCR.

Extremely glam-rock and punk are not the best for him. Pop-rock and alternative rock is. That’s what this album is transpiring. We hope to listen more about this guy, as well as we still like to listen to My Chemical Romance.

TTM recommends…

  • «Brothers» (track 4)
  • «Millions» (track 5)
  • «Drugstore perfume» (track 8)
  • «How it’s going to be» (track 10)

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