Review: Robin Thicke – “Paula”

Paula” is the seventh studio album by american-canadian singer Robin Thicke. It is released today, on July 1, 2014, by Star Trak Entertainment and Interscope Records. The album is dedicated to his ex-wife Paula Patton, being writed in three weeks and recorded in one month as Thicke told ‘On air with Ryan Seacrest’.

Robin Thicke - Paula

TTM opinion

No more “Blurred lines”. All the success of Robin Thicke with his explicit worldwide hit can dissappear with “Paula”, his most personal album. Sounds ironic, huh? It’s simple.

“Paula” represent the best of Thicke, his style. “Blurred lines” was an oasis -a good and different oasis- on Robin’s music. On “Paula”, the pop-folk, the piano, the guitars and magnificent chorus come to play again. This time, lyrics are unbeatable. Specially worthy is the time Robin Thicke expend writing and recording the album, what makes the LP even better.

TTM recommends…

  • “You’re my fantasy” (track 1)
  • “Get her back” (track 2 -and album’s debut single-)
  • “Whatever I want” (track 5)
  • “Living in New York City” (track 6)
  • “Black tar cloud” (track 8)
  • “Tippy toes” (track 10)
  • “Time of your life” (track 13)
  • “Forever love” (track 14)

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