Review: James Blunt – “Moon landing”

“Moon landing” is the fourth studio album from british singer-songwriter James Blunt, released on 18 October 2013. The album is the follow up to 2010’s “Some kind of trouble”, and is Blunt’s first new material in three years. The album features production from the likes of Tom RothrockSteve MacGuy Chambers and Steve Robson, and was executively produced by Tom Rothrock, who worked with Blunt on 2005’s “Back to Bedlam”.

James Blunt - Moon landing

TTM opinion

Since “Back to Bedlam”, Blunt’s albums are characterized by being great on sigles and bad on complete-songs. With this, the phenom reverse into the opposite: “Bonfire heart” are not good enough, but “Heart to heart” and “Sun on suday” are.

Blunt sound is more pop-rock than ever on “Moon landing”. There is a change on the production and the way of working on the CD, with more bass and acoustic guitar and a minor presence of synthesizer.

TTM recommends…

  • “Heart to heart” (track 4)
  • “The only one” (track 6)
  • “Sun on sunday” (track 7)
  • “Bones” (track 8)
  • “Postcards” (track 10)
  • “Telephone” (track 12)
  • “Kiss this love goodbye” (track 13)

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